How to Order?

  1. Open product page
  2. Choose mg
  3. Choose quantity
  4. Click on add to card
  5. Click on Checkout Icon on right top corner
  6. Fill out your info
  7. Select shipping and payment method
  8. Click on Blue button “Place Order”

How to Pay with Credit Card?

  1. After placing your order send your order number to [email protected] or send to phone number mentioned in website.
  2. Let us know when you are ready to make payment, we will send you payment link.
  3. You just open payment link, click on Pay as Guest and proceed.
  4. If you are from outside of USA, it would be better if you can make transaction from computer. Because some times Cell phone do not let you put Postal code that have Letters in it.
  5. If it is not accepting your Postal code or your city, just write any nearest possible.
  6. Before you make payment, please call your Bank to pre approve transaction so it could go smoothly.
  7. While paying with Credit Card, you can choose who pays the transaction fee, you can choose recipient pays the fee.
  8. Once your payment in submitted wait for confirmation email and let us know that you have made payment.

What are Shipping Methods?

  1. Regular Shipping: 14-16 days for $45
  2. Express shipping: 6-8 days for $65
  3. Overnight 36 Hours. $125 – Only with Bitcoins

How to Get Bitcoins? Click Here

We use EMS or USPS only to ship. Package needs to be singed to make sure no one else get your package. You can visit “Shipping Policy”.

Discreet Packaging:

  1. We use discreet packaging to make sure customer privacy. No one can detect what is inside the package.
  2. Sometimes we send tracking after 3-4 days to of shipping a package, first we make sure it went through customs than we send tracking number.
  3. Do not panic if tracking number is late, our first priority is delivering your package safely, so no feds can get to you for that purpose sometimes it takes time to ship an order. We make sure everything is safe than we ship an order.

Why shipping is so high?

Shipping cost may seem high; it is only because there are many expenses we pay to deliver your order safely. We cannot just mention all the expenses here for safety reasons but trust us this business is not very simple as it looks.

What is Test Order?

We received so many complaints about being scammed by online pharmacies so we introduced Test Order, It contains 8-10 pills, and it is for the people who want to test our product and services.

You can place test order for any product. go to Test Order page, click on add to card, at the checkout page leave Product Name in Customer notes.  We will contact your for further details.

Note: if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us by Phone mentioned on our website reach us by email : [email protected]

You can also join us on Live Chat on website.