7 Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight

7 Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight


Although it’s not hard to realize, but we all know that to achieve the ideal weight, you should unite a healthy diet with a healthy lifestyle and good physical exercise.


It is true that today most people pay much attention to their weight. This problem concerns society as a whole, it excites people and it is present in the minds of most people through taking care of the state of health, as well as through stereotypes in public opinion in general. For this reason, there are many extreme diets, physical exercises and simulators that promise excellent results in trying to lose weight.


Nevertheless, it often happens that after the end of diets or after doing long physical exercises, the desired results cannot be achieved and the weight is not lost.

The reasons why you cannot lose weight are quite diverse, but if you follow simple recommendations, then getting rid of excess weight is not so difficult. The problem of obesity is a concern for many people, and we’ll talk about it today in this article.


Achieving an ideal weight is the result of a balance between a healthy diet, hard workouts and a healthy lifestyle. Below we suggest you to read a selection of reasons that will help your body in case you cannot lose weight and get positive results in improving your figure and your health with a variety of diets and exercise.

You cannot lose weight? Why? Learn about some of the reasons.


  1. The first reason that prevents you from getting the desired results in weight loss is a bad dream or not enough time for a good night’s sleep. The researchers found that improving sleep is certainly associated with weight loss. Also, in particular, there was an improvement in sleep associated with loss of fat on the abdomen and waist.


When you do not have adequate control over sleep, the level of release of the hormones of hunger changes, which fuels appetite, and the brain, in turn, requires constant consumption of food and even in large quantities.

It is recommended to sleep at least eight hours each night so that the body can regulate metabolism and perform other necessary functions that occur during sleep, thus a good sleep you will be provided with a beautiful and healthy life.


  1. Anyone who follows his shape and weight, when choosing products in the store, necessarily learns the numbers on the package – the number of calories. Knowing these figures, you can easily determine your eating habits in accordance with the goals that you want to achieve – lose weight, eat healthy and healthy food, build muscle.


For those who want to lose weight, you must always consider the balance of calories. Excessive consumption of sugar is a large amount of energy in the body, which can slow the metabolic process, which, in turn, leads to the accumulation of fats, and hence to weight gain.

You can use pills to lose weight as well like phentermine.

You should be informed about the foods that you consume and know their nutritional value, as well as the ingredients they contain, in order to avoid the consumption of hidden sugar. Such products will only add weight, and you do not even pidozryvatime where the extra pounds come from.


  1. It is known that calories are directly related to obesity and weight gain for people. But we must remember the need to balance the energy value and nutrient intake.


If you consume more calories from your food than spend with physical exertion, then you can say with confidence that extra pounds are provided.

There are some easy ways to lose weight you can check here.

However, do not get too involved in reducing caloric intake, because even without wanting this, you can remove from your diet products that provide you with the ideal nutrients that are necessary for good health and improve metabolism in the body.


  1. Many of you sit long hours at work, spend too much time looking at the screen of a computer or television. But do you know what negative consequences can the sedentary lifestyle lead to and the lack of regular physical activity?


A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity can accelerate weight gain, resulting in people even suffering from obesity. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a certain type of exercise for at least thirty minutes every day. Therefore, physical exercises and active movement should become an integral part of your life.


  1. Poor nutrition can prevent weight loss. Lack of physical activity and unhealthy food are the worst enemies of those who would like to have a slender figure, although many people prefer to eat frozen food or unhealthy fast food, which is completely useless and does not provide necessary nutrients for the body due to lack of time.
  2. Another reason that can contribute to the impossibility of losing weight can be hormonal changes. In this case, you should consult a doctor to find out exactly what hormonal changes cause weight gain, and to exclude any possibility of injury or other serious cause that could affect your health.You should also consult a nutritionist who will familiarize you with the products that will help you survive these hormonal changes.

    7. Another reason may be the insufficient amount of essential fatty acids that you get in your diet. For many years it was believed that to be thin or to lose weight, we need to remove all fats from the food that we eat.

    Nevertheless, it needs to be clarified that there is a type of fat that is necessary for the normal course of the metabolic process, which in turn helps to get rid of bad fat and create a satiety state. This helps you to avoid increased appetite and reduce food intake. These essential fats or fatty acids are present in flaxseed oil, fish oil, nuts and seeds.

    So, if you cannot lose weight, know the above key factors that can interfere with the realization of your goal. So you can identify those that are specific to you.

    This can help you change your habits and develop a detailed diet that will provide your body with the necessary nutrients and minerals, and this will ensure that you have good and sound health, well-being and the desired weight, and therefore a slim figure.

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